Working in partnership

Recognising that today’s devolved NHS is receptive to exploring the potential of joint working initiatives with industry, Chiesi Ltd is proactive in seeking out opportunities where our resources and specialist knowledge can promote best practice, support our customers and help them to achieve their local healthcare objectives.

Although the exact nature of the support will vary from project to project, we are keen to strengthen our relationships with front line providers to the point where we are seen as the partner of choice in our particular therapy areas.

Select below for case studies, including two examples of joint working with the NHS; the Asthma Management Support Programme and the Smoking Cessation Support Programme.

Patient organisations

As well as developing innovative new medicines to improve the lives of patients, Chiesi also believes that empowering patient organisations in their work plays an important role in fulfilling this mandate.

As a leader in the development and provision of respiratory medicines, Chiesi Ltd provides financial support to Asthma UK; in doing so we fully endorse the important work they undertake in the support and education of patients as well as their families and carers.

Working with Asthma UK to bring support to health services and patients

In the autumn of 2009 Chiesi Ltd worked jointly with Asthma UK to address the pressing concerns about the preparedness of healthcare professionals to support people with asthma during the unprecedented swine flu pandemic and peak in seasonal flu around the country.

An educational initiative was promptly developed and disseminated to healthcare professionals, alerting them to key seasonal issues and the preventive measures needed to stop the spread of the disease.

The initiative, which supported healthcare professionals during a time of high demand on health services, also ensured active asthma action plans were in place, demonstrated the need to review the treatment advice for people with asthma and highlighted additional Asthma UK resources available.

For further information of the support we provide to patient organisations please contact

Chiesi supports the 8th annual Respiration Day

On 8th June 2012 the 8th annual 'Respiration Day' was held in Parma Italy. The international scientific event,  entitled ‘Personalised Medicine: Application in Respiratory Disease’, was attended by international pulmonologists and respiratory specialists. Presentations highlighted the recent updates on the application of personalised medicine to respiratory diseases and how this approach could improve the management of patients.

 'Respiration Day' was born in 2005 following collaboration between the University of Parma and the Chiesi Foundation and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and information on chronic respiratory disease management.